All Consuming Fire

All Consuming Fire

This is not a message but a short prophetic ‘word’ from Pastor Les after singing a song with “All consuming fire” in it.  (Listen for the full 4.5 minutes)

Would you, if you could, place your…

  • poverty.
  • anger. 
  • fear.  
  • depression.
  • bitterness. 
  • rage.
  • brokenness.  
  • impurity. 
  • lust.
  • hatred.
  • racism. 
  • sickness.
  • unclear and unstable emotions. 
  • thoughts that wander to wrong things. 

In your hands and allow God to take them from you?

Can you use your imagination and see your depression being consumed out of your hands?   See your anger withering and dying, blown away and replaced with God’s peace?  See your poverty being reduced to ashes and increase building in your hands?

The 3 Hebrew Children entered into the fire and came out of the fire without a scent of smoke on them.  You can enter into relationship with God and come out bondage free.

Will you believe that your bonds will be burnt off by God’s all consuming fire?

Or will you use your imagination and your ‘faith’ to believe that depression is your lot in life?  That anger and hatred, sickness and poverty are what you wear best?  What you were created to wear?

Join us for a few minutes and imagine God’s goodness towards you, declaring His heart for you.