Are You Table Salt or Agricultural Salt?

Are You Table Salt or Agricultural Salt?

Most Christ-followers see themselves as salt to season the world and to keep it from decaying until Jesus returns.  Pastor Les shares a message from Luke 14 and II Kings 2 that challenges us to think again and see ourselves as agricultural salt that is good for the soil and good for the manure pile.

When we think of Salt as an Agricultural product and not as table salt we can see that it is not just to preserve for a season but to produce for a generation.

One viewpoint OF SALT sees us as temporarily halting the evil in the world, while the other sees US as permanently changing the course of the world from wicked to wonderful. Following Jesus’ example of going to the root of the problem of man’s heart and not taking aim at what is readily apparent.

“Being salt to the world is about fruitfulness and salvation, not seasoning and flavor” (Pastor Les)


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