Breaking Poverty Thinking thru Prophetic Activation

Breaking Poverty Thinking thru Prophetic Activation

“The most powerful act you can do to break the poverty mentality
is to learn how to receive from God AND to receive things from God thru people. ” 
(Pastor Les)

Sunday, December 31, 2017,  the last Sunday of 2017, was the Sunday we handed out 15 $100 bills

For about 4 weeks God had been telling me, “I want to break Poverty Thinking off of people.”  I know the rut of poverty thinking well and I have experienced the annoyance of a very agreeable poverty spirit (listen to message for more on that).  I was excited because I am living a thriving life and the spirit of poverty rarely lands on my shoulder (get over yourself and your doctrine, it is just imagery!).

Three weeks before I was going to share the message I felt God telling me He wanted to do something special. I felt I was supposed to get 15 $100 bills and hand them out to those who came up for prayer to break the cycle of poverty thinking and/or the spirit of poverty (they aren’t always the same but work together).

I thought it was ridiculous.  It took me a few weeks but I kept hearing it.  Thursday before church I went and got the 15 bills.  I felt silly and, knowing my wife was an accountant, I was trying to figure out how to track the 10-12 $100 bills that I’d have to put back in the church account.

Right, lots of faith!

Long story short, I preached the message and made an altar call.  How many showed up?  15.

This is the audio of the Prophetic Activation but not the message.  What you cannot hear on this message is the crying as people are breaking thru and receiving something from God as they receive something tangible.  And, you don’t hear the laughter and see the smiles of people getting something put in their hands.

Of the 15 only a few struggle with not having finances but all 15 struggled with being blessed and thriving in God’s design.

You can listen to the teaching, How to Break Free from Poverty Thinking HERE