Evoking the Wonder of Salvation

Evoking the Wonder of Salvation

“We must remember the joy of God’s salvation, not our salvation”


What is the greatest miracle of all time?

What is the second greatest miracle?

The greatest miracle of all time is the conception and birth of Jesus.  It is this ‘seed’ planting by Holy Spirit from which all other miracles stem.

The second greatest miracle of all time?  The day of your salvation.  That day when Holy Spirit hovered over you and planted an indestructible seed within you.  It is from this miracle that all the good things in your life will grow.

When was the last time you were in awe about God’s salvation in your life?  During Christmas we celebrate with lights, sound, feasts and pageantry the miracle of the birth of Jesus yet so often forget that He was born for us!

Celebrate the joy of God’s salvation in and thru YOU with Pastor Les as he shares Evoking Wonder: The Joy of His Salvation.

From Preaching Notes…

This Christmas why not ask for something that is not yours?   Salvation is not yours!  It is the JOY OF HIS Salvation that we so desperately.  When I make it MY Salvation then I tarnish it as I bring it into my possession and make it about me instead of about HIM.  It is HIS Salvation and that means it is a never ending well, an everlasting fountain of living water always available to us even if we have strayed far away and done horrible things. 

It is HIS Salvation which means an always present, always working grace flowing from the throne room of heaven and not flowing from my own works.

We like to make it OUR Salvation because it then gives us control over something.  But it is something that doesn’t need to be controlled but rather we need to give it permission to reign and rule in our body, soul and spirit.