Evoking Wonder thru Angels

Evoking Wonder thru Angels

“Many of us have barriers to anything supernatural.
These barriers of wrong belief  keep us from experiencing what we read about in scripture
and hope for in our prayers.”

Are Angels real or imagined?

Are Angels even needed, even if they are real?

What should we do if we believe in Angels?

In this message Pastor Les challenges us to ask, “God, open our eyes to the invisible realm around us!”   Using the Christmas story and Elisha from II Kings we discover that there is a thriving, energetic world around us that we cannot see without being giving spiritual sight.

Join us as we Evoke Wonder in …

  1. exploring the Angels in the Christmas story,
  2. exposing 3 common reasons why we so often struggle with belief surrounding Angels and the supernatural, and
  3. engaging our prayers properly when it comes to the supernatural

Excerpt from Peaching Notes…  “If it is true that God only needed Angels for the Old Testament then why does God use an Angel in Acts 8 to speak to Phillip?  Or in Acts 10 to speak to Cornelius? Or use an Angel to break the Apostles out of jail in Acts 5 or Peter out of Jail in Acts 12?  And why is Revelations filled with Angels acting on behalf of God?  God doesn’t need Angels to do His work in the same way He doesn’t need People to do His work.  God CHOOSES to use Angels and Us in His plans.”