God’s Vision for Me! Provision

God’s Vision for Me! Provision

“You are God’s vision for Himself.”
(Pastor Les)

Process is extremely important for knowing God and for spiritual maturity.  We know that to be true of practical things but it may be even more true when it comes to our spiritual lives.   Process is ‘a series of actions to achieve results’ and we can assume that you are working the wrong process , taking wrong action, if you are not moving towards your Vision.

Ecclesiastes says that there is a season and a time for everything.  Does it not then follow that there is a process and a model for everything?  Our hope is not in this process (religion, boo!) but the right process helps us to steadfastly walk out our hope.  The process shows us what is possible and is something we can follow when life feels impossible.

The first step of the process of God’s vision for us is that “God has a vision for me!”  The second step in the process is that “God gives me a name!”.  If you haven’t spent time in the process of believing these first two steps then you will never believe and receive the third step:  “God provides for His vision!”

Yes, you’ll always ask for provision but it will never be enough.  You’ll either worry your provision away or spend it on non-visionary things, then complain that God is not providing.

Provision is a tricky subject for Christians because it means taking a long look at ourselves thru the lens of scripture and most of us don’t like to do that.  We’d much prefer taking that lens and aiming it judgmentally and gracelessly at anyone other than ourself.  Provision is such an important topic because it has a very tangible substance (food, clothing, shelter, etc.) that is mystically connected to our intangible patterns of belief.

The bottom line is this:  IF you are struggling with provision then you are not Seeking First the Kingdom.

And, remember, this applies to a lack of not just the practical stuff but also to the really invaluable stuff like friends, vision, joy, peace and the whole enchilada.

“Provision is not something we are supposed to seek after.  It is something that is supposed to come to us. 
It comes to us as we seek first God’s Kingdom” 
(Pastor Les)