The Art of Removing Barriers to Vision

The Art of Removing Barriers to Vision

The barrier to your vision is never the barrier you see.  The Israelites has good eyesight but all they could look at were the barriers.  Join us as we explore how to remove our barriers to vision and learn from  a group of fellow journey men how not to do things.

One key in thinking about vision is this idea that if you are not looking within yourself then you probably cannot see the real barrier.

What are some of the barriers the 10 spies and the Israelites who agreed with them came upon?

  1. When you list out the problems instead of the promises you have major vision problems.
  2. If you can describe your problems more thoroughly and passionately than you describe your Promised Life then your vision is really bad.
  3. If you focus regularly on barriers you will make those barriers bigger and more powerful than they really are.

I am (Les) praying that you will clarify your vision and start pursuing it, coming up against barriers and breaking them down, so that you can live your Promised Life.

“It is often easier to fight against an exaggerated enemy
then it is to focus on the promises of God”
 (Pastor Les)