The Completeness of Salvation

The Completeness of Salvation

Salvation is found in no one else,
for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be (sozo) saved.”
(Acts 4:12) 

The Greek word SOZO means “To be Saved” or “rescued”.  But the imagery gets even clearer when we realize that it is an action word, a verb’ that shows how we are rescued from the enemy of our soul, removed out from under Satan’s power AND restored into the Family of God, placed into the Kingdom of Heaven.

SOZO is used over 110 times in the New Testament and is used 3 different ways.

First, SOZO is the word most often associated with Salvation, with being saved from eternal damnation and into eternal life.

Second, SOZO is the word used for being healed of physical disease.  SOZO is such complete physical healing that it is also the word used when someone is raised from the dead.

Third, SOZO is the word used for being delivered from Demonic oppression. 

There is joy and fullness in His Salvation.  Where have you only received a portion of what is rightfully yours?


(inspired from Dr. Randy Clark’s teachings)