The Power of a Woman

The Power of a Woman

“God gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak”
(Isaiah 40:29)

You know the funny story about how men cannot find anything?  And, the wife shows up and immediately points it out?  They even have a word for it—Male Patterned Blindness.    “Kresha!  I cannot find my shoes!”  As I stand in front of my closet, where my shoes are lined up, Kresha or Victoria walks in and immediately spots my shoes. 

Something we don’t talk about very often, that is less funny although just as obvious to most Men, is how blind women, especially Mom’s are, to how powerful and awesome they are.

Often a Mom looks at her kids and can often only see what she hasn’t done.  A Woman looks at her appearance and can only see what is on the outside, instead of celebrating the beautiful transformation that is happening on the inside. 

Join in as we explore Deborah from Judges chapter 4.