The Write Stuff Workshop #2

The Write Stuff Workshop #2

In classes #1 and 2 we discover…

  • Why you should write a book but don’t.
  • How to bust thru the big lies that keep your typing fingers silent.
  • That there are many, many book topics lying dormant in your brain.
  • How to get those book ideas out and onto paper.

“The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.”  (Linus Pauling)


  1. carrie kneisley

    Hello, Do you have the notes/lists you would be able to send to my email? and do you have the third recording of this workshop? Thank you!

  2. carrie kneisley

    Good activating information! I am not sure if you provide or not but i am interested in the steps in how to self publish your own book and any comments you may have on that subject!

    • The Journey

      Did you get my e-mail response? I responded from so look for that. Also, regarding self-publishing, the very best way is to get it on Amazon as a Kindle. When that is done work the Create Space side of Amazon which gives you a POD, publishing on demand, book.

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