The Write Stuff Workshop #6

The Write Stuff Workshop #6

This has been an exciting workshop!

  1. We punched fear in the face by picking a topic, declaring a title and lining out our chapters.
  2. We exposed the Big Fat Lies that keep people from even trying to write a book.
  3. We cast a vision by exploring what our front cover would look like, what our back cover would contain and how our First Book will look when it becomes available on Amazon.

Wow!  In this last session together I will share with you…

  • Steps to getting on Amazon Kindle, including an author’s page (page 52).
  • Inexpensive and fast resources on-line that will help you get your front cover designed, format your text for Kindle and much more.

Here is to seeing your first book on Kindle and giving you a 5-star review!


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