Everyone of Us

Every One of Us Needs to Receive

Every one of us needs to receive from every one of us, yet every one of us struggles to receive God’s gifts thru others.  Les explores 3 reasons why we struggle to receive.

Every One of Us (#2) Gives the Bread of Life

Jesus declares that He was the bread of life and we must consume His flesh and drink His blood in order to be full of life.  Paul, in a letter to the Corinthians declares that we are the body of Christ.  Join us as we explore the idea that the local church, your spiritual gathering […]

Everyone of Us (#1) is Appointed by God

Did you know that Everyone of Us has been appointed by God?  Les explores and explodes 3 myths that keep people from engaging in their God appointments and walking in their anointing.  At the end we, the local body of Christ, ‘ordain’ Stevie and Herman.