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In the Kingdom There is No Tent

“With the Kingdom of Heaven in our hearts and minds, Church becomes a training ground instead of a baby sitting club. Church becomes a place where we seek to feed the world with our 5 loaves and 2 fishes, instead of a place of potlucks and  pizza parties.” (Pastor Les)   This morning we are going to take a look at an Old Testament scripture about God’s presence, about Heaven Coming to Earth to visit with Moses, and my desire…

The Kingdom of Heaven is for Today

“There is a difference between being born again and seeing the kingdom of God” (Pastor Les) The Kingdom of heaven is for today.  The Kingdom of God is not an addition to the Church but the reason that the church even exists.  Without the Kingdom of God advancing the church is dying.  Without the Kingdom of God being made manifest in and thru us, people are engaging in a form of Godliness without any power for being transformed and living…

Prophecy is Our Tongue Connected to God’s Heart

“Prophecy is the love language of God”   (Kris Vallottoon) Pastor Les takes us thru a small portion of Ezekiel 37 at a time when God takes Ezekiel on a walk thru a valley of dry bones.  We discover that… God doesn’t ask Ezekiel for his opinion but his faith We never get to decide what is dead If we don’t speak then things will remain dead We speak God’s heart, not our opinions Les challenges us to prophesy scripture…

Why You Want to Get to Know the Holy Spirit

Did you know that the Spirit is a common theme throughout scripture?  Did you also know that being filled with the Spirit is a common theme in both the Old and New Testaments?  Join us as Pastor Les explores a little bit of what it is to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Breath of God

Listen in and be inspired to consider the Holy Spirit as an entity that you will want to know, in the very same way you desire to know Jesus as Savior and God as Father.  Les may challenge you to think about and you may find yourself asking to experience more often the Breath of God.

Being Made Whole

Should you seek to be made whole? Where do you need to be made whole? What is keeping you from being made whole?
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