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We May Be Lying If We Aren’t Declaring God’s Truth

“If you’re not declaring God’s truth then you just may be lying” (Stevie Alaniz) Stevie paints a powerful picture of how our silence keeps the lies alive and keeps the power of God’s word enslaved. “The truth of God sets us free to experience His presence here on earth” “The lies of the Enemy keep us in bondage and we experience hell on earth” “The Enemy wants us to think God’s truth is the lie” We are half thru a…

Dynamic Gratitude Breaks Our Entitlement

Pastor Stevie wraps up our Dynamic Gratitude series using a man of leprosy as an example of how entitlement robs of us thankfulness.  Stevie starts with a quiz so we can check our own sense of entitlement. He then moves onto 3 lies your entitlement will tell you… Our WEALTH entitles us to what we want Our POSITION entitles us to what we want Entitlement Convinces us we should get what we deserve From II Kings, chapter 5. “God wants…

Wisdom is the Way #2

“There is nothing in the Bible about peanuts but there is lots about God and He taught me about peanuts” (George Washington Carver) Pastor Stevie continues his message about wisdom and he starts out with the practical wisdom GW Carver found in scripture. God’s wisdom is at work before you ask Him for wisdom There is a cost for obtaining God’s wisdom God does not give advice. “Commit your actions to the Lord…”

Wisdom is the Way

Pastor Stevie connects this week’s study on wisdom to his personal story with the birth of his nephew Gideon Daniel. Seek God’s wisdom first, not knowledge Wisdom glorifies and thanks God Wisdom creates a better way How do you receive Godly wisdom?  Pastor Stevie shows us the way from James chapter one.

Repent and Be Baptized

Listen as Stevie Alaniz continues our summer series out of the book of Acts and explores Peter’s reply to the important question, “What must we do to be saved?”

Dynamic Gratitude Changes Us

If you’ve ever practice dynamic gratitude then you know it isn’t easy.  Steve shares with us how dynamic gratitude both changes and heals us.  Part 2 is coming soon.

The Gift of Discipleship

Discipleship is the voluntary offering of yourself to Jesus.   He asks us and we must respond and then GO.  Stevie shares part 2 of The Journey of Discipleship.