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Why General Faith Generally Fails

Pastor Les shares on healing and why we love speaking generally about faith but rarely get specific about it.  He uses Jairus and the Woman with the Issue of Blood as illustrations from Mark 4.  4 Questions are asked: (1) What specifically do you need to ask Jesus for?   (2) Where do you need work to breakthrough the barriers of wrong belief, bad doctrine and false ‘proof’?   (3)  Where are you afraid?   (4)  Where do you need…

Why You Want to Get to Know the Holy Spirit

Did you know that the Spirit is a common theme throughout scripture?  Did you also know that being filled with the Spirit is a common theme in both the Old and New Testaments?  Join us as Pastor Les explores a little bit of what it is to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Communion with Kathleen Gage

He sent His Son as manna, as the Bread of Life, to sustain them and feed them, to show them His presence and that there was another kingdom that would take care of them.

The Breath of God

Listen in and be inspired to consider the Holy Spirit as an entity that you will want to know, in the very same way you desire to know Jesus as Savior and God as Father.  Les may challenge you to think about and you may find yourself asking to experience more often the Breath of God.

Self-Serve Communion

Grab some bread or a wafer, some juice or some wine, and plug into something and Someone beyond you.  Les takes 5-minutes and lifts up the name of Jesus higher than our sins, sickness, selfishness and shame.  Join him and declare that there is no other name higher.