Sermons on Holy Spirit

Why You Want to Get to Know the Holy Spirit

Did you know that the Spirit is a common theme throughout scripture?  Did you also know that being filled with the Spirit is a common theme in both the Old and New Testaments?  Join us as Pastor Les explores a little bit of what it is to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Breath of God

Listen in and be inspired to consider the Holy Spirit as an entity that you will want to know, in the very same way you desire to know Jesus as Savior and God as Father.  Les may challenge you to think about and you may find yourself asking to experience more often the Breath of God.

Being Made Whole

Should you seek to be made whole? Where do you need to be made whole? What is keeping you from being made whole?

The Beauty of Spiritual Language

Jump into Pentecost and spiritual language with us and discover how ‘tongues’ is scriptural, beneficial and a choice.  (Sorry, the first few minutes are missing).

10 Ways to Experience God’s Personality

The glory of God is His personality and the impact of His personality upon us.  Listen in for 5-minutes on 10 ways to experience God.  And don’t be surprised when many of them include people!