Sermons from March 2015

What Does Jesus Know About People that You Should Know

Jesus knew that people were fickle.  We see it clearly in the Easter story.  What we may not see is that the flip side of the coin of fickleness is hard heartedness, which is seen in the same story.  Listen in as we explore the differences between the two and the answer Jesus brings us.

What Did Jesus Know About Pain that We Don’t Know?

Pain is the most common of all human experiences.  There is a path through your pain and suffering, through the valley of the shadow of death.  Les shares some things Jesus knows about pain that would serve us well to learn.  He ends with a few tough questions:  Are you focusing on your suffering instead […]

God’s Ultimate Value on You

Are you putting proper value on the right things?  Are you allowing yourself to be valued correctly?  God puts a far greater value on us than anyone else ever would.  Listen in as Stevie shares about authentic worship.