Sermons from February 2016

Working the Word with Cherie Bosch

When you work the word you will move from the desert into your promised life.  Cherie shares an encouraging message that will make you desire to grow more spiritual muscle through the working of the word.

I Am Amazing Because I Am Like Him

Identity is where the enemy attacks us the most.  When we defend outlying areas instead of this internal identity we often exhaust ourselves yet never win the battle.

I Am Amazing Because I Am His

Like the prostitute Gomer being chosen by the prophet Hosea, we are chosen by God.  It is from this position of Being His that we are loved and sought after.

I AM Amazing Because God Dwells in Me

There are many places God could choose to live yet He dwells within you and me.  Why?  Because we best express the fullness of Him.  Listen in and discover how amazing you are.

Healing #1

I believe God gave me 3 words for 2016:  Healed. Healthy. Hopeful.  This morning I share on the wholeness of healing.