Sermons from September 2016

Freedom, Righteousness, and Sin

Listen in as Aaron Edwards, founder of Tomball Renewal Center and pastor of Sonday’s Church, explores the deeper realities of our God given freedom and the gift of His righteousness in the face of sin.

How to Pray as We Go

Pastor Les leaves for Scotland this week for 2 weeks of ministry.  He shares with us from Matthew 10 on how we can pray for those who go, but also reminds us that each of us GO every single day. Pray for the right… People Power Provision And remember, doing good things for or with the wrong people are not God things.  The wrong people are those you are not called to and they become distractions unto disobedience.

Sari Sim Shares a Story

Our friend and missionary from Panama, Sari Sim, says hello to The Journey and shares a short, powerful story about hearing and obeying God.

The Importance of Land

Cherie shares on the importance of land before we have a time of prayer. God has already set out our boundary lines There is land where it is easier to experience God Tomball is geographically blessed with an abundance of oil Tomball is the highest point in Harris County She also shares about the importance of being in the right place at the right time and encourages us that we are…at the right place at the right time.

Wisdom is the Way #2

“There is nothing in the Bible about peanuts but there is lots about God and He taught me about peanuts” (George Washington Carver) Pastor Stevie continues his message about wisdom and he starts out with the practical wisdom GW Carver found in scripture. God’s wisdom is at work before you ask Him for wisdom There is a cost for obtaining God’s wisdom God does not give advice. “Commit your actions to the Lord…”