3 Barriers to Believing the Impossible is Possible

3 Barriers to Believing the Impossible is Possible

The main reason we do not see more miracles and more abundance in and through our lives is because we say we believe, yet we do not.

How can we start believing that which we do not yet believe?

  • #1  COMMIT
    • Make a decision that God is good
    • That scripture is truer than your experience
    • To Scripture!
  • #2  IMAGINE the new belief–Visualize it
    • Ask God for imagery
    • Visualize what you imagine
    • In words, art, poetry, visuals of any kind
    • Create connections in your brain that apply to the impossible things in your life you WANT to believe but do not yet believe. 
  • Beyond your imagination!  Use your imagination!
  • We’ve discovered last week how easy it is for us to use our imagination as to what can go wrong yet rarely do we use it to imagine what can go right
  • Imagine YOU BELIEVE IT
  • #3  FORM a Sentence and repeat that Sentence
    • Use scripture! 
    • Declare it!
    • Replace the old belief with this belief.  Replace the old belief that opposes scripture, with scripture
    • Replace the opposing belief that is based on experience and all your Brain Talk and neural Pathways and your mental chatter
  • Confirmation Bias–towards all the Material we get.  Even hearing me right now, even hearing The Holy Spirit, we CONFIRM our BIASES–We seek to prove what we already think is true.  

Our brains are Constantly doing 3-things…

  • Delete, 
  • Distort and 
  • Generalize all the materialize
  • WE delete and distort based upon what we already believe. 
  • We can get Confirmation Bias to work for us by repeating the New Beliefs and Thoughts we want
  • There WILL BE DOUBT when you start believing new things.  Just like working out, going on a diet and/or putting yourself on a Budget. 
  • #4  ACCEPT Belief as True (give yourself some time)
    • Start telling yourself, “This true!” and then let your emotions get weird on you, let your brain attack you, let doubt sit there–don’t honor it but don’t reject it either, let it sit there until you can say, “Leave” 
  • #5  PRACTICE  It (write it, vision board it, speak it, etc.)
    • Lay hands on people
    • Pray out loud in private
    • Create Impossible prayer listes