3 Levels of Thanksgiving

3 Levels of Thanksgiving

Our working definition for Gratitude is: A tangible expression of thanksgiving that flows from our confident belief that God is Good.

We begin with this startling idea that not being thankful is living life against the will of God and that your lack of gratitude is a great indicator of a wounded place in your heart.  Boom!

All thanksgiving is not created equal!  The 3 levels of thanksgiving are…

  1. Being thankful for what you have
  2. Being thankful IN what you don’t have
  3. Being thankful for what you cannot see or may have not yet experienced

Thankfulness is powerful, being polite is not.  You must know the difference if you want to harness the power of thankfulness; otherwise, you will simply be a polite Church Goer without the power of praise building you up, giving you vision and releasing God’s voice thru you.