A Culture of Faith & Risk

A Culture of Faith & Risk

Faith is confidence in God–that God is who He says He is and that we are who He says we are.  Faith is confidence in the voice that comes from the One we cannot see.  Without faith it is impossible to please God, yet we almost always see faith as the way to see miracles instead of the way to enter into a deeper, more trusting relationship with a Good Dad (see Hebrews 11:6).  It is from the midst of that relationship where we overflow into the gifts of The Spirit.

Faith without works is dead and quickly starts stinking up the place.  Faith demands actions on our part and that always comes with risk.  We see it with the Heroes in the Faith Hall of Fame…

  • Noah was told a flood was coming, believed and built a boat 
  • Abel was told to make a specific sacrifice, believed and sacrificed
  • Abraham heard a God no one in his family knew, believed and left everything he knew
  • Sarah heard the promises of God, believed and received a miraculous seed of life into her body—it says here she, “Considered Him faithful who had made the promise.” 

Notice that the Risk of Faith comes thru Words—not in knowing what is possible or what you are capable of doing but words that come from God.  There are 4-types of words that you have where you can exercise your faith—where you can take a RISK like the ancients and move towards something…

  1. Scripture—you can claim a scripture
  2. Prophetic—you can fight with a word spoken by a spiritual family member
  3. God’s Plans, His Words, written in your body and soul—your body, emotions and/or thoughts can show you where to go
  4. God’s Plans, His Words, written in your heart—the passion in your heart can determine your next step of faith

What are you believing for?  What are the corresponding actions?  What are you risking?