A Culture of Joy

A Culture of Joy

 God says, “I made you awesome and unique, to bring glory to My name!” and then we add in the fine print “And you will be miserable and unhappy and won’t have any fun at all”.
(Pastor Les)

Whenever joy is brought up really good Christians often go on a rant about how God doesn’t care about us being happy or about having fun.  It is almost as if any conversation exploring joy must be shut down before someone smiles or laughs in church.

God cares about our happiness.  God wants us to have fun.  Listen for The Big Picture on the culture of Joy as Pastor les shares…

  1. Joy is 1/3 the Kingdom of God
  2. Joy wrecks the religious spirit
  3. Joy releases happiness
  4. Joy makes us strong
  5. Acts of joy are powerful

“On your feet now–applaud God!  Bring a gift of laughter, sing yourselves into his presence.” (Psalm 100)