Another Big Belief Barrier to Healing

Another Big Belief Barrier to Healing

“Don’t let anyone TEACH you out of your healing!”  
(Pastor Les)

So much teaching in church teaches against it being God’s will to Heal.

Don’t let anyone teach you out of your healing!

This wrong belief is one of the biggest Belief Barriers that we have and it works against us being healed or seeing people healed.  This morning I want us to take a look at another Big Belief Barrier and that is this idea that I NEED MORE FAITH.

I am here to convince you that we rarely need MORE faith, we just need to put our faith into action.

Let go of your preconceived ideas for a moment and take a chance at receiving another belief system closer to God’s heart.  Trade out the old, lack of healing belief and trade up for a new, God as Healer belief for a week or two.

You can always trade back to your clunker of a belief if you don’t like the new one 🙂