Beliefs Keep You Connected to The Rhythm of Heaven

Beliefs Keep You Connected to The Rhythm of Heaven

Paul says we are no longer slaves  to sin, then why do so many of us fall into such great sin?  Or, rather why do we have so many small sin things that constantly draw on us and wear us out?  

Because we are working on Acting right instead of believing in the work of The Cross!

John 6:29 Jesus says our job is to believe, not to act right.  The WORK of God is Belief—it is thinking and thinking and thinking hard about the work of The Cross. 

Our WORK is to work out our minds and make them solid, powerful things to manifest God’s life in and thru us.   We will act according to heaven more and more as we line up our thoughts and beliefs with heavens.  Then John continues with…John 6:35 says, “Whoever BELIEVES in me will never be thirsty”  (NIV)  Again!  Not who ACTS a certain way but one who believes—who thinks repeatedly, layer upon layer.  

When we are thirsty and hungry we are to turn to God!  Not work, food, sex, pornography, control, depression and put your buffering things HERE.

Believe STRONG!  Do the hard work of BELIEVING that leads to quenching your thirst and hunger, instead of the hard work of WORKING that leads to exhaustion and being thirstier and hungrier in all the wrong ways. 

John 6:47 says, “Whoever BELIEVES has eternal life”  (NIV)  

Do you have a problem in life?  What are you believing about that problem?  Your Belief, your Thoughts, connected to The Rhythm of Heaven are the solution to that problem.