Everything Has Already Been Imparted to YOU!

Everything Has Already Been Imparted to YOU!

Impartation:  A revelation of what is already there.

Numbers 11: Last time I was here I spoke about when God took the Spirit and put it on 70-elders; which represents a generation; Moses represents 1–He was representing not his one but The ONE.  It wasn’t Moses imparting himself but God imparting Himself thru Moses

Genesis:  “The Lord God formed man from the ground…”. God put His hands on Humanity.  

God’s hand is UPON ME!  

“…and He breathed…”. God was kindling something in a lifeless vessel that was lying on the ground before Him. 

Nostrils:  Means FACE and to breathe rapidly with passion (in Hebrew).  God got into the face of the one he loved, Adam.

“…the breath of the Spirit of life…”. Breath—RUACH. And the ‘soul’ began to live. 

We took on the ID of the ONE who blew into us.  Adam was created, completed BUT FOR the breath of God in him.  That is IMPARTATION.

2 Corinthians 4:7– “However we possess these human treasures in fail human vessels of earth…”   Inside of every human is a treasure, breathed into us by God. 

When God breathed into ADAM He was prophetically breathing into us!  We existed into the heart and mind of God.  

Isaiah 61:  “The Spirit of the Lord God is UPON ME because someone has…”.     I am qualified BC the spirit of God is within me, upon me. 

I was planned BEFORE the creation of the world.  My parents may not have planned me BUT GOD DID!!

He was so sure of your destiny that He put His GIFTS in us IN ADVANCE. 

Elizabeth (Old Lady One!):  it was evident she had something inside her but she did not know it was alive within her UNTIL John met Jesus (while in the womb)

She already HAD something but impartation revealed to her a KNOWING about what was already in her (for the first time in 6-months)

He anoints me and He opens my eyes so that I can anoint others and open their eyes!!  The anointing flows from HIM and not ME! The spirit within me AWAKENS the spirit within THEM!!

Comfort:  In Hebrew means to Breathe (to blow). Isaiah 43– “Comfort those who mourn in Zion…”

Verse 3:  “To bring consolation of Joy and…instead of ashes…”

Failing Spirit (Means frail)—we can breathe on others and revive their frail spirits!!!

WHY?  That HE may be Glorified!!  

Everything good thing God wants for you has been implanted with you since the beginning of time.  You do not get a new gift but rather have the gift revealed.