God Always Holds His Hand Out to Us

God Always Holds His Hand Out to Us

“There is not a single place in this world or in our heart where God will not travel with us if we would only invite Him” (Les)

God is always offering His hand to us.  We have an image of Him pushing us around and forcing us to do what He wants us to do but that is not a true image of our Good Father.

Would you put your hand out, offer it to God and believe that He will take it and that He will walk with you?

And, contrary to popular belief, God will go with you into the darkest areas of your life.  God loves to enter into your brokenness, hopelessness, fear and every area impacted by sins and the weight of sin.

When you take God hands and invite Him into these areas there will be deliverance and healing deep within you.

God Works!