Regaining Your Power thru Inner Healing

Regaining Your Power thru Inner Healing

“If your Christianity is focused on DO NOT DO THIS then you have already missed the essence of Christianity” (Pastor Les)

Pastor Les passionately speaks about regaining power and blows up the idea that we somehow are not good enough for God.  Speaking from the life of Samson he shares that…

  1. We do not have to give up our power because we’ve done something stupid
  2. God is not afraid of our sin and will use our weakness for His glory, if we let Him
  3. There is always someone after our power and when we wake up to that we will begin to become some ‘spirit’s’ enemy.

We are all called to live larger, more powerful and beautiful lives yet we get stuck on some core lies that move us out of God’s design.  Jesus comes to save us AND heal us AND empower us.  At The Journey Church we want all of it.  How about you?

“You cannot tell yourself all week that you are trash, then walk as the treasure  God made you to be”  (Pastor Les)