How Kingdom Reflects & Works in Church

How Kingdom Reflects & Works in Church

“The Kingdom of God brings forth the church, not the church The Kingdom”
(Jim Becton)

Our friend and apostolic leader of Father’s Heart Ministries takes us on a deep and insightful journey of what the Kingdom of God is and how it is to work in the church.

There is an Apostolic Process that God wants to utilize in order to advance the Kingdom of God and, in part, it looks like…

  1. Identifying gifts and callings of the body of Christ
  2. Equipping Believers to be who they were designed to be
  3. Empowering and authorizing people to walk in their destiny
  4. Sending people into the world to be THEM

We only experience this, we only experience Kingdom Life when  we receive ALL of God’s ministry gifts…even the ones we don’t understand.

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“The DEA of The Kingdom is Discipleship, Eldership and Apostolic”
(Jim B.)