Jars of Clay Glorifying God

Jars of Clay Glorifying God

“How you utilize your jar of clay is important!”  (Pastor Les)

Your life mission may not look like any one else’s but it does look like something!  We are often exhausted trying to make our lives look like the lives of other, ‘good’ Christians, but on the other hand an equal number of Christians are hidden away and numb from not knowing how to live life on mission.

We were created to glorify God in both natural and supernatural ways.  What we can build with our hands and create with our imagination can glorify God AND how we choose to grow and release our faith in acts of healing or words of knowledge can glorify God.

God puts His glory within us, allows it to shine thru us, in both the natural and supernatural ways–never preferring the one over the other.

To live a life on mission we must be...

  1. Connecting
  2. Following
  3. Discovering
  4. Engaging

“We are God’s handiwork, handcrafted creations in Christ Jesus designed to do the right good works” (Eph 2)