Recovering Destiny with Cherie Bosch

Recovering Destiny with Cherie Bosch

“We are so frequently stolen from that we don’t even know what is stolen!” 
(Cherie Bosch)

Did you know that in scripture a thief is to pay 7x’s what was stolen?  Did you know that you can chase down the enemy and recover your destiny plus more?  How many of you want back what the enemy has stolen plus a heavy interest payment?

Every one of us has been hijacked in some area of our destiny.  Our friend Cherie Bosch shares about destiny and how God wants you to recover your destiny.  She uses the story of David at Ziklag and how his generational destiny is stolen and how he recovers his destiny plus a heavy interest payment (I Samuel 30).

Are you ready to recover your destiny and all plus more of what the enemy has stolen from you?

“Instead of shame of where things went wrong for us we should be asking ourselves
what we were about to enter into because it points to our destiny”