Speak Mysteries to Your Mind

Speak Mysteries to Your Mind

The concept is super simple:  Your brain needs to be spoken to by something ELSE OTHER than you mind, than your thoughts.  Your mind stores all the experiences you have ever had, puts judgement on them as to what they do or do not mean about life, about others, about God and about you–and then, when something similar happens your MIND does what?  Where do your thoughts go?

Your thoughts speak from past experience instead of visionary, forward thinking.  Your thoughts start listing out all the times a Man or a Woman or a Pastor or a Boss-figure has ever hurt you and BOOM!  You think you are making a wise choice but you are actually just making a choice based upon the list from your past. 

If we struggle with receiving a Heavenly Language that bypasses our intellect then we will struggle with receiving God’s abundant life here/now.

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”   What does transcends means? 

TranscendTo go beyond the range or limits.

To go beyond the range or limits of what?  Of what we can comprehend with our Minds. Do you see what is being said here?  There is a kind of Peace that we cannot comprehend and I am fairly confident that we must BELIEVE in that sort of peace in order to experience and BELIEF is not based on what we know but WHO we know–and we know GOD outside of our Brain, as God speaks His Spirit to our Spirit.