The Art of Loving Your Self

The Art of Loving Your Self

Our first act is not to love God but to receive His love.
From this springs all else.”
 (Pastor Les)

Which is most important?  Loving God?  Self?  Others?  What if that is the wrong question?  What if the real question is, “How can I experience God’s love and more of it?”

It is almost by default that we would declare–LOVE GOD!  Join us as Pastor Les looks at what it takes to love ourselves (the answer?  receiving God’s love for us).

We then look at 3 reasons why it is so hard to love ourselves…

  1. We know more about ourselves than anyone else knows about us
  2. We see ourselves more than we see anyone else
  3. We hear ourselves clearer than we hear anyone else

You will be challenged to think differently about loving God, your Self and Others.

“It is crucial to learn to love ourselves as God loves us if we are to actively and passionately love others as God loves them”  (Pastor Les)