The Floods of Harvey in the Invisible Realm

The Floods of Harvey in the Invisible Realm

“Houston’s going to Rock It!  We are going to drill down deep and strike a New Kind of Oil.”

In scripture the invisible realm is more real and more powerful than the visible realm.  In the seen realm I cannot move mountains but in the unseen realm I can move mountains. 

Hurricane Harvey came and devastated my hometown of Houston and pretty much the entire Gulf Coast of Texas.  The seen was obvious and it was powerful.  The impact of the visible torrential rains are still to be seen and people continue to suffer because of them.

We know what happened in the visible realm but what is going on in the invisible realm?  We can get so focused on what we see that we forget the true power of the unseen.  

And by unseen I do mean our emotions and our thoughts but most importantly on what God is doing in the invisible realm and where you can manifest Him in very real ways. 

  • What does God want you to see that is unseen? 
  • What does God want you to believe for in the seen world that you saw in the invisible realm?
  • How will you pray and live and give differently, strategically and more intentionally because of what God is showing you in the invisible world?

“You may not be able to calm the storm but you can be the calm in the storm”
(Pastor Les)