The Invisible Presence Produces Tangible Change

The Invisible Presence Produces Tangible Change

Jesus said that if “we believe, then we will see”, making a case for this idea that IF we will do something ‘invisible’ within us then our eyesight will change.

The Presence of God, which isn’t of earthly substance,  hovered over Mary, planted a supernatural seed within her and, over time produced a baby.  The Baby Jesus, Who grew up to be our Lord and Savior.  Something not of this world interacted with the biology of this world and changed the physicalness of Mary.

Is there something you want done on this earth?  Then, instead of working on that THING, why not do the appropriate work of BELIEVING?

“Seek first the intangible, invisible cannot see without faith Kingdom of God and ALL these things like food, clothing and shelter will be added unto you” is core scripture that has the potential to set our priorities straight and encourages us to take aim at Heaven, not worrying about how the things of earth will be provided for us.

(Fair Warning:  We take 5-6 minutes somewhere in the middle to practice sensing Holy Spirit with our spirit)