You Can Position Yourself for God’s Presence

You Can Position Yourself for God’s Presence

In Luke chapter 2 how does Simeon know that Jesus is The Promised Messiah? 

We know that Simeon was righteous and devout and the Holy Spirit was upon hi (Before Holy Spirit was sent by Jesus).  Scripture also informs us that Simeon had been promised by Holy Spirit that he wouldn’t die until he had seen the Lord’s Messiah. 

Verse 27 says that Simeon was “move by the Holy Spirit” to go into the temple courts where Mary and Joseph, the new Mom and Step Dad, were taking Jesus to be consecrated by giving a sacrificial offering of two young Doves/Pigeons.

Mary and Joseph don’t yet get God’s plan for Baby Jesus but Simeon does?  How?  By inspiration of Holy Spirit. 

When the presence is HERE not everyone is going to feel it.  Jesus was the promised Messiah even if no one in the temple knew it or would have believed it.  Even after seeing a few angels, Mary and Joseph “Marvel” at what Simeon says over Baby Jesus. 

Many people missed the True Presence of Christmas 2,000 years ago and many people continue to miss The True Presence today. 

Simeon didn’t miss God’s Presence in Jesus.  Neither did a prophet of over 90-years old named Anna.  She came up right after Simeon and thanked God for Jesus the Messiah—and spoke about Jesus as the Messiah to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Israel. 

And Before that the Shepherds get visited by an Announcing Angel and then by an entire choir of angels (more like a complete orchestra?).

The Shepherds had very little in common with Anna and Simeon.  The Shepherds would have been considered low class, backwoods types, unwelcome in even the most modest of homes during that period of time.  

But WHY did they get to Experience God’s Presence on Earth thru Jesus…

  • Simplicity/foolishness—Shepherds
  • Humility—All 3
  • Faith Filled—Simeon/Anna
  • Righteous—Simeon
  • Devout—Simeon
  • Worship—Anna
  • Fasting—Anna
  • Praying—Anna

Notice that the Shepherds probably were not righteous by the standards of Judaism.  They were certainly not devout, worshipping at the temple or fasting and praying for The Messiah.  

Then why did God choose them? 

God loves the unexpected things.  God loves 

Do these things position us to experience God’s presence?  

Yes…and no.  These things by themselves are religious, dead works.  These things done in faith, to make ourselves hungry, to carve out room within us to carry the presence—these things done to remove our own thoughts and emotions and preferences from within us to make room for The Kingdom, then Yes!  They do position us to HEAR and SEE the Presence of God here on earth. 

An interesting side note about Anna and Simeon is that some parts of the church have always held and still hold that Anna and Simeon are the last of the Old Testament Prophets.   (Does this matter or is it just interesting?).

We would say that John the Baptist was the last of the OT prophets—and that Jesus is the first of the NT Prophets.  


  1. Are you looking for Jesus or are you looking to fit into a religious structure?  
  2. Are you looking for Jesus, something you can only do when inspired by Holy Spirit, or are you looking for just another thing to use in life to get you ahead?
  3. Is your mindset one that is looking for a Sprinkle of Heaven or one that is expecting to be a source of heaven’s living waters to those around you?