Valuing His Presence Changes Our Identity

Valuing His Presence Changes Our Identity

“Jesus is never mad at you, irritated with you or wanting to take back your salvation or healing from you.  NEVER.  EVER.”  (Les)

Before His conversation is over, Jesus is interrupted with the news that the daughter of Jarius has died.  Instead of comforting Jarius or feeling sorry for him, Jesus looks at him and says,  “Have faith.  Don’t be afraid.”  

If you said that to most people who are sick, addicted or in relational distress today they would be furious with you.  Yet, it is the fullness of what we will do when we trust in the goodness of God.

Where do you need to hear the difficult words, HAVE FAITH & DON’T BE AFRAID?    What will change in your heart and life if you hear those words from Jesus and start acting upon those words?

Before this Jesus is walking with Jarius in order to go to his home and heal his daughter.  During the walk The Woman with the Issue of Blood touches the garment of Jesus, power is released from Him and she is healed.  Dramatically Jesus starts a conversation with her and changes her identity, not just physically healing her.

  1. YES!  Jesus wants to heal you physically but also at the very deepest level of who you are.
  2. YES!  There is fear of the Lord but we are not to be afraid of God!  Jesus HAS reconciled all things, including YOU to Him.  Embrace the love of a Good, Good Father.
  3. YES!  Faith is difficult but it is not nearly as tough as living without a strong belief in the Goodness of God.

God is always aiming for you heart, never at your sin.  He hates sin not because it does anything to Him but because it does something damaging to the children He loves.

Have Faith!

Do Not Worry!

”I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.”   (II Corinthians 6:18 NIV)