What Does the Good Neighbor Give Away?

What Does the Good Neighbor Give Away?

“Christians are not meant to be hiding in their homes hoping the world leaves them alone.
We are called to be outside and changing our world  one neighbor at a time”

(Pastor Les)

Many, maybe most, Christians believe that being a good neighbor is simply not being a bad, annoying neighbor.  This idea that Jesus wants us to love our neighbors and that commandment is fulfilled by smiling, not getting drunk and yelling at 3:00 a.m. or keeping our yard mowed and oil stains off our drive way misrepresents the power of the cross and the power of relationships.

In Luke 10 Jesus shares a parable about loving your neighbor that answers the deeper questions, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”  

When, and if, we are becoming ALIVE then we will be loving our neighbors, enhancing the presence of God in our communities of work, play and worship.  What does the Good Neighbor in this Parable of Jesus bring to his needy neighbor…

        • oil represents healing
        • wine represents joy
        • donkey represents destination or destiny;
        • inn represents habitation or permanent place to stay
        • denarii represents blessing/favor/increase.   

And, these 6 things are all found in the presence of God.  Do you see that?  And, you are full of the presence of God!  As His temples we are carriers of His presence and we are called to carry His presence into areas of darkness, disease, and despair.  We love our neighbors so that the sense of the presence of God can be heightened, so that people are more aware that someone cares and that one day they will come to the understanding that it is more than just YOU, it is Him.