What # Have You Set Your Belief Thermostat On?

What # Have You Set Your Belief Thermostat On?

“Our thoughts about God and how God sees us and loves us Determines the level of love we receive from God–not the amount of Love God has for us
(Pastor Les)

It does not matter how powerful God is, how much love He wants to pour into your heart, if your Belief Thermostat is set on 62-degrees then it will never get warmer in your life.  You may even go around talking about God and how He heats up a room and makes life so much better but you won’t experience it.  

What is a Belief Thermostat?  I am so glad you asked that!

We read about and talk about this all powerful God who wants to do amazing things in us, for us and through us.  We study and pray and talk about those things YET we DO NOT TRULY BELIEVE that these things are possible for us.

A Belief Thermostat is like having this huge 10 ton AC unit wanting to bring the freedom of clean cool  air into our lives. It is powered up, it is created to do this air conditioning thing for us. 

Yet, our home is still unbearable to live in because it fluctuates with the outside temperature.  It is 45 degrees when we wake up in the morning and then in the summer time it is 95-degrees during the day.  We are miserable and wonder why the beautiful, powerful AC unit isn’t working right. 

But what controls this unit?  Does your AC unit control the temperature in your house?  Nope! The unit is larger, more powerful, more expensive, much more sophisticated than the thermostat YET IT SUBMITS to the Number we put on  the thermostat.  

The power of the 10-ton unit outside submits to the small mechanism within your house.

And, you control that small mechanism in your house.  

The power of god submits to the small mechanism in your heart and your head called Belief.

This Limiting Belief Thermostat is responsible for what level we will rise to in any given situation in our life.