Your Story is Where Heaven Meets Earth

Your Story is Where Heaven Meets Earth

Heaven meets earth thru you.  Your living, giving and talking.  Pastor Les shares from Acts 22 and Revelation 12 in order to explore how to best…

  • position yourself with people,
  • transition your story into God’s story and
  • release the copyright permission of your story to God.

Some people are extremely good at making connections and all of us are constantly positioning ourselves to look good in front of others.  What keeps us from telling our stories and turning people onto Jesus from them?  There are 3 main reasons and you can break free from them and watch as Heaven Touches Earth thru Your Amazing Story.

  1. Fear–what will people think of me?
  2. Pride–I want the attention!
  3. Shame–I don’t even have a story 🙁



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