What to Expect

What to Expect

The Journey Life inspires people to move forward into an experience with a good God; therefore our worship is presence based and Holy Spirit led.  Our worship time may include music, prayer, communion, prophesy, and activations that help us risk stepping into a new encounter with God


The Journey Life inspires people to move forward into heavenly answers for earthly problems; therefore our teaching is designed to challenge listeners to connect the deepest things of God with the most visible and tangible actions on this earth. 


The Journey life inspires people to move forward into being blessed to be a blessing; therefore, our gatherings are centered around how we can both receive from a generous God and give as a generous people.  This blessing looks like an overflow of finances, joy, peace, talents, opportunities, time, friendship and things tangible and intangible. 


When we gather together in a building or in our homes, it is always casual and relaxed.  We aim for punctuality, yet strive for presence.  We like to say that we are “casual about church but serious about Christ!” 


We love children, yet we do not have childcare or a Children’s Church available so we love to invite people of all ages into our worship gatherings.