God’s Vision for Me!

God’s Vision for Me!

Very few of us would purposefully believe a lie and even fewer of us would tell a lie.   Yet, in our rush to make ourselves ‘safe’ and looking like we are not ‘failures’ we often believe and then repeat lies about ourselves and our future.

Have you heard yourself say, or have you thought…

  • “I don’t have goals for 2018”
  • “I don’t have a vision for my life”
  • “I don’t do new year’s resolutions because they don’t work”

Well, those thoughts are lies and the Devil comes into agreement with you.

  • “You’re right, God doesn’t have any plans for you this year”
  • “You’re right, you shouldn’t even try to change. Whats the use?  You’ve tried before and it just doesn’t work for you”
  • “If God wants you healthier, wealthier and in better relationships then you will have them”   (Maybe the most prevailing lie that we often use scripture to back up!)

I am blessed to have an awesome 28-year old son and an amazing 11-year old girl.  Now, imagine you hear me saying these 3 things to either of them…

  • “God doesn’t have any plans for you”
  • “You already tried to be good, to do what is right, to pursue vision, to change your life… and you’ve proved already that you cannot change so whats the use?”
  • “If God wants you to make good grades (have a good job, marriage, health, etc.) then you will have them”

Sounds awful to hear me as a parent say these things to my children yet all day long we believe that God doesn’t have any plans for us, that He is shaking His head at even the idea of us trying to partner with him, and that we are victims of the randomness of God.

So, what is God’s vision for you?   God does have a vision for you!  It is a general vision for Humanity and a specific Vision for every Tom, Jane and Leslie on the planet earth.

God designed you and has amazing plans for you.  Beyond your imagination.