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You Are designated as temple space

Get ready to be challenged by a message that inspires us to not just study Pentecost and to not just hope for the experience of Pentecost, but rather for us to be the temples of the Holy Spirit that bring experiences to others.

Fear & Extreme Conclusions

This is from a video series that my friend Jim Sim and I have been doing on Fear: Another Kind of Faith. It is less of a teaching and more of an exploration, through our conversation and friendship, on how there are indicators that show up the deep fear we have within. Extreme conclusions may be one of those indicator lights. Jim and I each share 3 of our Extreme Conclusion Indicator Lights. You can watch the whole thing on…


I Samuel 17 YOU ARE… YOU CANNOT… YOU WILL… The 3 are tightly connected! I AM… I CAN… I WILL… Listen in and find the sentences you can speak that agree with the sentences God is using to describe you!

Clean hands & A pure heart

“Who may ascend the hill of the LORD? Who may stand in His holy place? 4He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not lift up his soul to falsehood, who does not swear deceitfully. 5He shall receive blessing from the LORD, and vindication from the God of his salvation.…”  (Psalm 24:4 NIV) First, notice the wide gap between your Hands and your Heart.  Not the distance between them but rather the huge gap between what they…

The Cross Makes Us Powerful

We are going to be Acts chapter two this morning and starting a series called The Cross Changes Everything.  I want to start with a little illustration:   One day, a teacher was teaching her young class the story of Jesus visiting Mary and Martha. She carefully explained how Mary and Martha had hurried to clean the house and cook a special meal. Then she paused and asked, “What would you do if Jesus was going to visit your house today?”…

How to Forgive Yourself

Have you ever done something that hurt someone?  Something you were ashamed of?  Said or did something that was just a big piece of stupid?Of course you have!  And so have I. One benefit of being a Child of God is that when we receive Our Good Father’s love, it includes His forgiveness, which means we can choose to forgive ourselves.  In fact, we have no right to even hold our sins against us.

When We Agape OurSELF We Will Pursue the Impossible

Loving yourself means feeling and acting confident.  When you have experienced God’s agape love and it is transforming you it is producing a confidence that you have not experienced before.  David speaks like he is not just a Shepherd Boy EVEN THOUGH at this moment that is all he is. He has never been in battle and possibly never wielded a sword.  But self-confidence does not come from what you have done but it comes From WITHIN.   Self-Confidence born from…

What # Have You Set Your Belief Thermostat On?

“Our thoughts about God and how God sees us and loves us Determines the level of love we receive from God–not the amount of Love God has for us” (Pastor Les) It does not matter how powerful God is, how much love He wants to pour into your heart, if your Belief Thermostat is set on 62-degrees then it will never get warmer in your life.  You may even go around talking about God and how He heats up a…