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Do you want a practical guide to unlocking abundance? We all start in ignorance. We are all ignorant in some area, actually, in many areas. Ignorance is not knowing and we move out of ignorance by knowing, by gaining knowledge. Knowledge is a good start but it is only the beginning. With knowledge we must gain understanding, which happens when we begin to comprehend how the information we have works together. Yet, understanding is never the end plan. The end…

You Are designated as temple space

Get ready to be challenged by a message that inspires us to not just study Pentecost and to not just hope for the experience of Pentecost, but rather for us to be the temples of the Holy Spirit that bring experiences to others.

Fear & Extreme Conclusions

This is from a video series that my friend Jim Sim and I have been doing on Fear: Another Kind of Faith. It is less of a teaching and more of an exploration, through our conversation and friendship, on how there are indicators that show up the deep fear we have within. Extreme conclusions may be one of those indicator lights. Jim and I each share 3 of our Extreme Conclusion Indicator Lights. You can watch the whole thing on…


I Samuel 17 YOU ARE… YOU CANNOT… YOU WILL… The 3 are tightly connected! I AM… I CAN… I WILL… Listen in and find the sentences you can speak that agree with the sentences God is using to describe you!