The Art of Maintaining Vision

The Art of Maintaining Vision

The question is never what lies before me but rather What Lies within me?  And, what lies are within me? 

I mentioned last week that during a time of prayer, listening to a great message or reading an inspiring book that VISION seems to be right there, very clear and resonates with us emotionally and actually makes us hopeful and happy simply to envision ourselves being that person in our vision, leading that sort of life.  We close the book and are excited.  We leave the Bible Study and know God has good plans for us.  We get home, watch some TV and when we wake up the Vision is gone.

Why Do We Lose Vision so Fast?  That is the question I want to look at today.

The Israelites lost their Vision and they lost their way.
They took their eyes off the Promises and put them on the Problems.

3 Keys to maintaining Vision from Numbers 11…

  • Practice PRAISE–It is not JUST Complaining that does us in BUT it is that we are Not Praising and Blessing—Vision is sustained not by not not Complaining but by Praising and Blessing, by Magnifying!
  • Find Your TRIBE–Spend intentional time with them and keep the Riff Raff quiet.
  • Harness Your EMOTIONS–The problem is we often have developed a system of filtering out God’s Words to Us, God’s Design of Us and God’s call upon us and chosen instead to focus on all the Wrong Things (and I include religion in this list of wrong things).

You cannot look forward and backward at the same time and make any progress towards your vision—eventually you sit down and only look back.