Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision

First, before I see a church, I see a PEOPLE…

I see a people passionately connected to God and reflecting His love for them in every word they speak, in every thing they do, and wherever they live.

I see a people where religious preferences take a back seat to God’s overwhelming love and amazing grace; where a person with different morals, shallow character, and no church history can enjoy their company; where their stories about God are practical, inspiring, and Biblically true.

I see a people that are fun; a people where joy runs rampant and the laughter is captivating; where people experience God’s love in the midst of fun people.

I see a people who understand and utilize their spiritual gifts and talents for the benefit and rescue of all who live on this planet; a people who are unselfish in what they give, uninhibited in how they give, and who open their lives, their homes, and their finances.

I see a people whose calendars and check books reflect God’s heart towards helping the hurt and needy people within this community; a people who look after the “least of these” in this community.

I see a people who desire to see God move in supernatural ways; a people who are engaged in natural endeavors while always praying for supernatural results; a people who actively participate with God through their prayers, their faith actions, and their God-driven lives.

I see a people who are His People even if there are no buildings, no programs, no preaching, and no singing; a people radically marked by God’s tattoo of freedom and love.

Then, I see a Church: A Community of Believers Who Gather…

I see a church full of loving and caring people; where strangers are greeted like they were invited.

I see a church where the leaders respect your intelligence, understand your right to make decisions, and who clearly see your pain, while at the same time they challenge your thinking, question your choices, and force you to search out the source of your pain.

I see a church where the people are openly and unashamedly spiritual without being false; where God’s presence is felt in worship; where prayers were prayed with confidence that God was listening and responding; where the spirituality within the church service translated into life change.

I see a church where every member is a minister who is sharing their personal story with every step of their journey; where every member finds their ministry and uses their gifts and talents to meet other’s needs; where Christians can grow in home Bible studies and classes; where people can learn and grow in safety; where close friendships develop that will last a lifetime.

I see a church with thousands of members who gather at multiple sites in a variety of venues who are more interested in being His People then being a part of this church.

I see a church where all of our facilities are utilized to reach the community; where the property is a tool to engage the marketplace community; where the facilities benefit and bless the community beyond the activity of a worship service.


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