Mike Espinoza

Mike Espinoza

Pastor Mike is an encouraging teacher who excels at using simple illustrations for deep spiritual truths. He is a natural encourager whose mission is to radiate the love and joy of Christ, while bringing radical grace and acceptance to others. 

Mike is bilingual and flows easily between the two cultures, speaking and leading both in English and Spanish. 

He is a Retreat Leader and Small Group Leader within an amazing men’s organization called The Crucible Project. This group sets up experiences for men to wrestle with Jesus and find the gold within them. The Crucible Project also creates an ongoing, discipleship experience so that men can mature into the mighty men of God they are. 

Mike is passionate about baseball and his favorite team is the hometown Houston Astros. Mike loves to spend quality time with his friends and going to sporting events. 

You can find out more about Mike on Facebook at Mike Espinoza Ministry.

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