For God So Loved the World He Gave a Seed

For God So Loved the World He Gave a Seed

If God had planted a tree, lets say sent down a full grown Jesus, then Jesus would not have been fully man.  He would not have been the excellent high priest that He is.  Without knowing the pain of depression, doubt, and fear—without experiencing man’s anger and being tempted in all ways to manipulate and misuse His fellow humans, Jesus would not be as effective a high priest as He is today for you and me. 

A seed represents the opposite of how this world thinks and what this world wants to see.  We want a magic bullet to kill our vampires and a special pill to cure our problems, yet God gives us Himself thru the Seed of His Son planted within creation and planted within the world.

We want superheroes and full blown kingdoms to arise and conquer the evil in the world, while God wants losers and kingdoms started with a small amount of faith from THE INSIDE OUT, conquering the evil WITHIN US (instead of around us).

The Christmas narrative is a story full of seeds, specifically the pregnancy of Elizabeth and her younger cousin Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Pastor Les starts with two questions and explores the answers in the beginning of our Christmas series at The Journey…

  1. Have you decided where God should plant His seed?
  2. Have you ignored one type of seed for another type of seed?

Join us in Luke chapter one as we discover what seeds mean in the stories of John and Jesus’s conception.

“God planting Amazing Seeds in Bad Ground is the very essence of the gospel of the
Good news of Jesus Christ!  God will plant His seed in the middle of where you are
the most dead, the most wicked and the most stubborn.”  (Pastor Les)