New Creation = New Encounters

New Creation = New Encounters

“We are not called to become Better Caterpillars!!
We are to become whole new creations!”

(Pastor Les)

A God Encounter is  Any kind of significant, powerful and personal experience with God”   It is a moment of time spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically where you can point to and say, “I experienced God there” 

Encounter Declarations: 

  • “I am designed for God encounters”
  • “I have a right to regularly encounter God”
  • “I am a New Creation which means new God Encounters”

The caterpillar lives a life and then dies before the Butterfly emerges and lives. It sounds like scripture that says…“We must die in order to live!”  It is the imagery of our spiritual life trying to emerge from the midst of our Fleshly life.   

We, as a New Creation, still are in the painful, messy throes of process where we are A New Creation, setting aside the things of the flesh. We are no longer a Caterpillar BUT now, right now!  a New Creation—with the flesh still causing us some problems. 

And, the death of Jesus makes is possible, makes it complete, and not our death!  Our death just releases us into the completion of what the Death of Jesus accomplished.

Join us in this series and be challenged to enter into the reality of your new life in Christ, never again being satisfied with your old caterpillar life.

“If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation” 
(II Corinthians 5:17)