The Kingdom of Heaven is Designed to Expand

The Kingdom of Heaven is Designed to Expand

“He (Jesus) also said, “This is what the kingdom of God is like. A man scatters seed on the ground.” (Mark 4:26 NIV)

The Rule of God is like seed—when it is planted, it multiplies.  The Government of God is like seed—when it is planted, it expands and changes things.  The Ways of God in Heaven, when brought to earth, takes Dead things and brings them alive. 

Think about seed and how much it produces, how much it changes the entire landscape of where seed is dropped.  You can turn a desert into a thriving forest thru the right kind of seed.  You can turn a forest into a desert when you begin to remove seeds from it.

Kingdom Seed is an expansion mentality.And we are praying for an expansion of God’s Kingdom here in Tomball, Texas.

When you plant a seed you are planting something that is dead and expecting to gain something that is alive.   When you place a seed in the ground, cover it with dirt and tend to it, protect it from animals and weeds and water it, you expect that little seed to produce something useful and life giving.

When you plant even a single seed you are believing for an increase, for a multiplication of that seed.  One corn seed produces one corn plant which produces 2-4 ears of corn.  We will say 3 ears of corn.  A typical ear of corn produces about 800 kernels or seeds.  One corn seed produces another 2,400 corn seeds. 

The Kingdom of Heaven is expanding and it is designed to expand thru multiplication, not division, subtraction or addition (although it so desires to expand that it can expand in any environment).