Valuing His Presence

Valuing His Presence

“We are not waiting for God to show up.
He is waiting for us to notice Him already here.”


In this message Les shares a pivotal message that is impacting the direction of his life and the life of The Journey Church.

To value something means we put importance upon it and/or deem it useful.  We recognize those things that we value.  Many of us can recognize the work and voice of the enemy but few of us recognize the work and voice of God.  In fact, many people fight to maintain a position that God doesn’t speak anymore or do visible works in or thru us anymore. 

Join us as we take a broad view of God’s presence as Les shares a few illustrations of personal experiences with God’s presence.

“Our struggle is not to live up to God’s value of us but rather to value ourselves in the same regard as He does” (Les)